Making A CBD Rub For Pain - Easy Recipe!

The first thing to say, is that no matter how good the CBD rub is, it the product feels disgusting on the skin, you are much less likely to use it enough to improve your condition. So, I pay special attention here to using easy to find ingredients that also feel good on the skin.

First thing to do is decarb your weed. If you are able to go and buy somewhere you live, select one that is high in CBD. Don't worry if you only have what is already in your house - you can still get a good result from it.

This is the recipe you need;

10g Olivem 1000 (*affiliate link)

90g (Cannabis infused) Sunflower Seed Oil (*affiliate link)

That's it - that's the recipe, but let's go into the detail of those two ingredients a bit more.

Olivem 1000 is an emulsifier that is made from olive oil, and it gives a product that contains the skin benefits of olive oil, as well as giving the skin a very "cushioned" and protected feeling. An emulsifier holds oil and water together, and you can see the cannabis infused oil in the recipe above - but where's the water?

The water is in two places: The first place is from a bottle or from the tap. Let me explain. This recipe makes a soft salve or balm. When you apply some to your skin, it will sink in well. If you then wet your fingers (just under the tap will do), and rub it in with your damp fingers, the emulsifier will grab hold of the water and the balm will become more of a cream that is even easier to rub in. If you think that through a bit further, when you step out of the shower and lightly towel yourself dry, your skin is super hydrated at that moment. That is the second source of water - your skin!. Apply the balm to your hydrated skin, and it will lock that moisture in, keeping your skin soft and flexible, and your whole body will soak up the cannabis infused oil.

So firstly, you need to decarb that herb using a CBD setting, which is a specific temperature that converts the CBDa into CBD. Until you do that, your weed has no real power. I use the POT by NOIDS and you can read How to make CBD oil

The next thing to do is infuse the decarbed cannabis into the oil. I have chosen Sunflower Seed Oil for a couple of reasons;

  • it has a very light texture which feels nice on the skin

  • it sinks in well and doesn't feel greasy

  • it's heat tolerant, so it is not damaged by the POT machine heating it up

  • it's easy for you to get at the shop or online

The technical name is Helianthus Annus and that should be on the label somewhere. Do the infusion process as described on the link above, BUT, you want to end up with 90 grams of infused oil. The decarbed weed will so a bit of that oil up, so you need to start with a bit more to account for that. I suggest weighing out 100g of oil for the infusion. That way, you should end up with 90g after you have strained it out.

The manufacturers of this wonderful emulsifier, for some reason, decided that only certain companies could use that name, and other companies had to use another name for it.

So you can find it online as Olivem 1000 and also called Emulsifying Wax Olive Derived. Same product, and to double-check that, look for what is called the INCI name on the back.  This needs to say "Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate" on the label, and then you know you have got the genuine article. There are similar sounding products out there, but this is the one that is needed here.

Now you need to get a double boiler ready. This can be as simple as your frying pan with an inch or so of boiling water in it being heated on your kitchen stove. You will need a clean jar or glass. Weigh the emulsifier into it first, and then weigh out the infused oil. If it turns out that the decarbed cannabis was very absorbent, just top up the amount you are weighing with some extra Sunflower Seed Oil.

The reason to have it in the double boiler is to prevent the ingredients from burning and becoming damaged. Don't be tempted to stir the mixture or put a spoon in - it will just stick to the spoon, and you lose some. Leave it alone until you can see that all the flakes of white emulsifier have melted.

Take it out of the double boiler and start stirring it. Keep stirring while it cools down. This may take quite a few minutes, but it is important to keep stirring so that the two ingredients don't separate out.

After a while, you will see that it gets more like a custard or sauce - it continues to thicken up as it cools down. While it is still pourable, pour it into your clean jar and label it with what you used as well as the date.

To use this balm (it's a balm or a salve and NOT a cream, because it has no water in it), simply rub it onto your skin as described above. Start with a small amount until you know what a good level for you is. Remember the saying, "start low and go slow". You will be able to find the level for you that is either a lot of fun, or just enough to manage your pain levels comfortably. This is called microdosing.

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