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CBD oil for pain is a huge money spinner for a lot of companies. It can be a wonderful product and excellent for pain control and improving your sleep. There is an increasing amount of research on the medical use of cannabinoids to back this up. However, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and, because of unclear regulation in different countries, are selling CBD oil with incredibly low potency and promoting it as a marvellous “cure all” product.

There are, thankfully, a lot of companies that do produce amazing quality CBD oils in very clear to understand packaging for what the potency is on each product. If it is totally impossible for you to grow or even buy cannabis where you live, then I recommend getting your CBD oil online here.

Those of us lucky enough to be able to use our own weed (whether grown or bought), this is how you make the best CBD oil for pain yourself. By multiple infusions, you can make the strongest CBD oil to suit your needs.

To star with, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis and then infuse it in oil. Many people do the decarboxylation in an oven, and then use a crock pot for the infusion. You need to have good temperature control to get the best out of your weed and typically, domestic ovens are often not accurate with the temperature. Tests have shown that you can waste up to 30% of the potency of your precious buds just because of inaccuracy with the decarb temp! I guess that might be acceptable if you have a field of weed out back, I suppose, but it’s not good enough for me.

I use the POT by NOIDS which ACCURATELY decarbs your weed to the correct temperature for THC and another temperature for CBD - because they need to be treated differently! Then it will do just the same for the oil infusion - THC or CBD. The enclosed strainer takes away all the particles of weed easily and leaves you with a clean oil.

You can also use the machine to make tinctures using alcohol, and the PBN will also decant off the used alcohol to be used again and make more! All of this in just one machine, and it’s the only machine in the world to do this without needing to by loads of expensive extras (yes, Ardent, I’m looking at you!).

The machine arrives very well-packed and is made with quality materials. It also arrives very fast, FREE SHIPPING with GLOBAL delivery. There is no delay at customs because the delivery is via Amazon logistics and the company pay the import tax for you, so there are no nasty, expensive surprises (yep, looking at you again Ardent!).

You buy one directly from the company and my affiliate link does earn me a wee commission (so, thank you), but it costs you no extra (*affiliate link)

How To Decarboxylate With The POT by NOIDS

Weigh your weed and put it into the jar (there is no need to grind it first) and twist the POT by NOIDS machine to the CBD decarb setting. Put the lid on and leave it to do its work. The lid fits well, so there is no smell in the house. Depending on how dry the weed is and the ambient temperature, the PBN machine will make small heat adjustments constantly - that is what makes it so efficient. It also means that it is not an exact time, but just do something else for an hour and leave it alone. You may have read about decarboxylation in an oven? Domestic ovens have inaccurate thermometers and in this way, you can lose up to 30% of your weed potency. That’s why the PBN is so cost-effective.

If you are growing your own weed - brilliant! If you can’t do that, you can buy CBD flowers here (*affiliate link) which are legal to buy because of the incredibly low THC levels. If you need scales for weighing, check out the equipment blog here.

Which Oil To Use For Cannabis Infusion?

The most commonly used oil you will see online is coconut oil, and it is, indeed, a good choice. Personally, I find it a little too greasy. I prefer to make a batch of infused oil that can not only be used in cooking and edibles, but also gives valuable nutrition and skin conditioning when I make creams and lotions with it. Rice Bran Oil is my first choice of oil most of the time. I certainly use many others for different skin feels, but Rice Bran Oil (*affiliate link) is such a good all-rounder.

How To Make CBD Oil

When it has finished, lift the glass beaker out of the machine using the heatproof silicone collar at the top. It's very strong glass, so it's OK to put it down on the counter. Weigh the oil you are going to use straight into the PBN beaker and put it back in the machine. Put the lid back on and twist the machine to the CBD infuse setting. Once again, leave it alone to do its thing. 

Filtering CBD Oil

When it has finished, take the beaker out and put it on your work surface. Take the filter unit and put it on top. DON'T push it down yet. It's not quite the same as a French press. There is a double filter in there and the oil will pass through it slowly. Make sure the lid fits nicely so that it will not leak, then push the metal disc on top down slowly until you are just above the oil level. You can now tip this over gently so that the oil comes pouring out of the metal tube on the top. You can then gently press the filter further down to squeeze out all the oil that you can.

See that little black ball with the glass tube in the picture? You can now take the filter out and add some warm water to the beaker. Oil and water don't mix, so the infused oil will float to the surface of the infusion beaker. Take the extra glass tube and place it on the metal tube at the top of the filter. The little black ball will act like a seal between the glass and the metal tubes. Very slowly, press the filter down again, and you will see oil come up into the glass tube. Put your finger over the top of the glass tube and this will create a vacuum. Keeping the vacuum, take the glass tube off the unit and over to your oil bottle. Release your finger and this breaks the seal, and you have extra oil that you would have otherwise lost. Do this several times until there is no oil left. It is quite impressive just how much extra oil is salvaged! As an extra bonus, the oil can be used again with another batch of weed to make the strongest CBD oil.

You now have a bottle of CBD oil that can be used directly on your skin, or combined with other ingredients to make creams, lotions, and salves. Check out how to use that oil to make an amazing Body Butter here.

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