What Is The BEST Way To Decarb Your Weed?

There are thousands of YouTube videos telling you how to use a baking sheet in your oven, a mason jar in your slow cooker and loads more. These are all sort of OK if you don't mind losing 30% of your weed's potency, and enjoy living in a house that reeks of weed. But there is a simple answer if you want the BEST way.

Get the POT by NOIDS machine (*affiliate link). It's as simple as that, but here is some more information to help you.

  • FREE shipping in the USA, Australia, UK and Europe (that's nice!)

  • NO TAX to pay when it arrives (I really like that one!)   

  • it's delivered by Amazon logistics, so it gets to you fast (no weeks of waiting in customs sheds)

  • it includes everything you need in the box - no need to buy add-ons afterwards

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Because the POT by NOIDS is the most sophisticated (and robust) herbal infuser on the market, you get excellent decarboxylation every single time;

  • decarb at the exact right temperature for CBD

  • decarb for the optimum amount of THC

The POT by NOIDS makes minute changes to the temperature continuously to make sure it is always at the right temperature. Other machines just aren't built to do that.

You can infuse oil, butter or ghee as well as infuse alcohol to make tinctures. This machine will even safely evaporate the alcohol to concentrate the tincture, and the condenser unit collects the alcohol to be used again! What's not to like? 

Delivery is direct from the NOIDS warehouse (*affiliate link)

If you don't have your own cannabis and are in the US, you can order it here (*affiliate link)

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